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Welcome to Nature with Corey (NWC)

NWC is an environmental advocacy organization supporting conservation, awareness and stewardship of Florida’s natural, historical and cultural resources.

NWC offers biking, paddling, and hiking adventure programs throughout Florida. These adventure programs focus not just on getting people out in nature but also on teaching people about the history of the area they journey through and the plants and animals they see along the way. By imparting greater knowledge of and enthusiasm for Florida’s history, culture, and natural resources, NWC seeks to inspire and nurture people’s respect, admiration and passion for the environment and encourage them to take steps to conserve it.

NWC was founded by Corey W. Campbell – a Florida native and lover of the history, culture, and natural resources this great state has to offer. From a young age, Corey spent countless hours biking Florida’s trails and paddling Florida’s waterways. Later, as a journalist, he honed his historical research and storytelling skills. Even when he lived in big cities, Corey constantly felt a pull towards nature and spent any free time he had in the wilderness. After spending three years working in Big Cypress National Preserve in the Everglades, developing and facilitating programs, Corey founded NWC to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning a company dedicated to inspiring in others the same passion and enthusiasm for Florida’s lands and natural resources that he feels every time he’s out on the water or on a trail. We hope you join us for a program and experience all Florida has to offer.

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For private programs and events, please email info@naturewithcorey.com.

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